Make your own mixed pack by combining both flavours!


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Love this stuff, even cooler its NZ MADE!

Tasty treat

Nice way to end day with tasty chocolate treat. Most enjotable


These are just delicious loved the milk one and now the dark is even better.

Great little drop

Great service and communication from shop to my door. Price great as well for 3 bottles. Sending one up north island to show off what the south can provide

Delicious endulgence of chocolate

Such a treat after dinner! Special treat just for mum

I love butterscotch

I loved the chocolate cream but Butterscotch beats it by a whisker!!Just waiting for my order to arrive I will post pic when I get it

Absolutely beautiful

We love Remarkable Cream. We put it with everything... Ice cream, coffee, tea, drink it straight... It's our new favourite!

Remarkable Cream is Remarkable

We tried the Butterscotch and Dark Chocolate - both are fabulous and fabulous together too.

Totally delicious!

Nothing more to be said except I would definitely buy it again !


After at least 10 years of trying to find a replacement for my last favourite liquer, I've finally found it! The butterscotch liqueur is smooth and creamy and not too strong. I'm so glad I found this. I'm trying to finish up my bottle so I can try the chocolate one next. Please make a coffee liqueur next😁😁😁


We absolutely love the remarkable cream the service you off is amazing we found it very easy to order and it only takes a few days for delivery keep up the good work will definitely recommend your product

Love it will have to try the caramel


The chocolate is very rich. Need to add it to something or into some baking. Very enjoyable all the same.


Love the butterscotch remarkable cream. Superb over ice

New chocolate cream is delish

Great for some winter cocktails!


This is dangerously delicious 🤤
Very smooth and far too easy to drink.

my preference is butterscotch,


This is very addictive and delicious. There is no point in buying one bottle as you will want more and more!

Very nice

Love it


Excellent service, delivery within 24 hours
Just had my first, no second glass now, absolutely delicious
Highly recommend
Will definitely be ordering another few bottles

Yummy yummy get in my tummy

I was going to follow the recipe suggested but decided nothing beats it straight with ice.

Butterscotch Remarkable Cream

Butterscotch Remarkable Cream

chocolate heaven

so yummy but it's to easy to drink really good on ice cream


Easy to order, prompt delivery, very yummy so won’t last long.

Omg yummy

This is the first time I have tried the remarkable cream butterscotch! I was worried it was going to be too sweet, but it's just perfect! Lovley relaxing evening drink !!

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