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Remarkable Cappuccino Martini Gift Pack

Remarkable Cappuccino Martini Gift Pack - Remarkable Cream
Remarkable Cappuccino Martini Recipe | Remarkable Cream
Espresso Martini Recipe Remarkable Cream
Remarkable Cappuccino Martini Gift Pack - Remarkable Cream

Remarkable Cappuccino Martini Gift Pack

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Cream and Coffee - a match made in heaven!

What's in the gift pack:

Remarkable Cream Butterscotch 700ml x1 (makes approx 8 Cappuccino Martini) 

Steam Brew Extra Strong Coffee 375ml x1  (15 servings/ 25ml per drink)

About Steam Brew Coffee

An extra strong unsweetened black coffee in a bottle for the ultimate coffee lovers. Excellent for iced coffees or a simple hot long black. Each 375ml bottle has 15 servings (25ml per serving). Great to pair with Remarkable Cream Butterscotch for a creamy smooth Cappuccino Martini.


About Remarkable Cream Butterscotch:

700ml & 14% alcohol by volume 

A remarkably delicious blend of NZ fresh cream, butterscotch, and exceptionally smooth milk vodka - simply unrivaled.

Remarkable Cream is a family business that produces a New Zealand alternative to Irish Cream Liqueurs. Our recipe showcases the best of NZ's dairy products:  fresh cream and high-quality milk Vodka. 

Inspired by the distinctive toffee from New Zealand's favorite cookbook - our original Butterscotch is truly world-class, balancing sweetness and flavor - while enabling the fresh cream and milk vodka to really shine.

Our recipe has more fresh cream and less sugar than other international liqueur brands. 



How to make Remarkable Cappuccino Martini:

1.  Add 1 part chilled Steam Brew or 15ml to a martini shaker.

2.  Add 5 parts chilled Remarkable Cream Butterscotch or 75ml.  

3.  Add 2-3 cubes of ice to the shaker.

Shake, serve, and top with three coffee beans.

6 bottles from the Remarkable Natural Flavours Range of cocktail mixers and flavoured syrups.
Person holding a glass that contains about 10 ml of Remarkable cocktail syrup as they pour in Base Remarkable Cream
Remarkable Natural Flavours Range
Remarkable Base Cream Liqueur
Base Remarkable Cream
Base Remarkable Cream