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About Our Product

Why Butterscotch? Inspired by the distinctive toffee from New Zealand's favourite cook book - our Butterscotch is truly world class, balancing sweetness and flavour - while enabling the fresh cream and whey vodka to really shine.

While developing our recipe we focussed on using more cream, and less sugar - taking a whole new approach focussed on keeping colours & flavours to a minimum, better allowing us to represent the best of New Zealand's ingredients - Whey Vodka - Fresh Cream

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How best to enjoy Remarkable Cream?

Remarkable Cream is unique, in that it is best enjoyed chilled & straight. But on a hot day, over ice or enjoyed in an Espresso Martini would be our choice.

If you are a storm in the kitchen, then try using Remarkable Cream 50/50 with Espresso for a delicious Tiramisu, or Affogato. For those feeling like replacing Irish Cream in their coffee with something local - you know what to do!


Remarkable Cream 50/50 with Espresso for a delicious Tiramisu

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