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Original Butterscotch

Inspired by the distinctive toffee from New Zealand's favourite cookbook - our original Butterscotch is truly world-class, balancing sweetness and flavour - while enabling the fresh cream and milk vodka to really shine.

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Dark Chocolate

Made with real-origin cocoa, our Dark Chocolate is eminently drinkable delivering mass appeal and appreciation by chocolate connoisseurs.

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Rum & Coffee

Discover the captivating allure of Remarkable Rum and Espresso , where the enticing essence of rum intertwines harmoniously with the invigorating kick of espresso.

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 White Chocolate & Raspberry

Fresh Whanganui Raspberries with notes of elegant White Chocolate.

This blend has been expertly combined with fresh cream and our triple-distilled vodka to bring you an indulgence that is less sweet on the palate while being every bit as rich and delicious as one could wish for. 

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