Family History


Our families’ vision for Remarkable Cream is a world class New Zealand Cream Liqueur alternative. We hope to showcase the best of NZ's dairy products: fresh cream and exceptionally smooth milk vodka. Our vision to is keep our product remarkably delicious while using less sugar and only natural ingredients.


The Cameron family has always had a strong appreciation for the art of crafting cream liqueurs. Their story began in the late 1970s when Bill Cameron, founder of Robbie Burns Liquor, set out to create a unique New Zealand-made alternative to Irish Cream Liqueur. Although his initial attempts were put on hold and he instead imported an Australian product called “Conti-Cream”, his dream stayed alive.


A long family history in cream liqueurs dating back 40 years, brought into a modern form by the third generation.

Fast forward 20 years and Neil  – Bill’s son – was able to develop his own recipe from scratch and succeeded in creating a fresh cream-based New Zealand Cream Liqueur that started being sold throughout the South Island. This mission of bringing something new and challenging to classic Irish Cream gained traction with locals who enjoyed its distinctive flavours created over time by the Camerons' craftsmanship. 



Coming to the present, this family mission of bringing a New Zealand challenge to Irish Cream Liqueurs has been taken up by Bill's Grandson, Wills, whom developed his own recipe inspired by the legacy of Bill and Neil. 

While their techniques have been upgraded with modern technology and practices, there is still plenty of love poured into each bottle made with ingredients sourced from all around New Zealand - just as it has been since day one.