Indulge with Confidence: Discover Why Buying Fresh Cream-Based Cream Liqueur is Worth It

Mar 14, 2023

Fresh cream-based cream liqueurs are a delicious indulgence that has gained popularity worldwide. Here are some reasons why buying fresh cream-based cream liqueur is worth it:

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: Premium "fresh cream" liqueurs are made with the best natural ingredients, such as fresh cream, top-quality spirits, and only natural flavors. This results in a superior taste and texture that are hard to replicate with cheaper ingredients like vegetable oil and compound emulsifiers.
  2. Versatility: Fresh cream-based cream liqueurs are a great addition to any home bar. They add a natural creamy taste to cocktails that may be out of balance with certain overpowering flavor elements. Fresh cream-based cream liqueurs can also be used as a naturally preserved creamer that you can add to your morning coffee while camping at the beach with no access to milk. You can even whip Remarkable Cream up with some fresh cream for a delicious boozy whipped cream for desserts.
  3. Unique Flavors: Fresh cream-based cream liqueurs come in a wide variety of flavors. For those who would like to explore different taste sensations beyond Remarkable Cream's existing 700ml range, try adding different flavors from our Natural Flavors Range mixers to unflavored Remarkable Cream Base to create your own creamy drink.

The production of top-tier, fresh cream-based liqueurs involves careful management of fresh ingredients and complex, specialist machinery with precise processes to achieve results. This all comes together to create a smooth, velvety liqueur with a rich, creamy texture that is perfect to take to your friends' dinner party on the weekend or for a relaxing nightcap at home after work.

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