Creamy Strawberry Hardshake

Mar 16, 2022
For these hot days, we have put together this ice-cold, indulgent hard shake recipe - bringing together the best NZ ingredients.

Fresh Cream, Ultra Distilled Vodka, - and your choice of natural fruit.

Remarkable Cream is our New Zealand made alternative to those foreign cream liqueurs - with a subtle hint of Butterscotch, it makes the perfect versatile base for various cocktails, hard shakes, and desserts.

๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“Recipe here :)
1: Add 240ml of Remarkable Cream to your blender
2: Add 30 grams of frozen strawberries (or your choice of berries)
3: Add 40 grams of premium - real fruit Strawberry Jam (or Jam of your choice, just not too acidic!)
4: Add 20-40ml of icy water
5: Briefly blend together - and serve with whipped cream & berries.
6: If too thick, add more icy water and reblend

Serves 2-3

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