Remarkably Festive 'Kiwi' Hot Chocolate

Nov 28, 2022

Warm up with an indulgent spiked hot chocolate. We’ve all heard of a Baileys hot chocolate… but have you tried our Kiwi version made with creamy Whittaker’s chocolate & New Zealand Remarkable Cream?

Using fresh New Zealand cream and high-quality milk vodka, made right here in New Zealand, it would be rude not to try it!

Remarkable Kiwi Hot Chocolate


  • 1 Whittaker’s Sante Chocolate Bar
  • 175ml Milk or Cream
  • Dash (10 – 20ml) of Butterscotch Remarkable Cream
  • Whipped Cream or mini marshmallows to serve 


Start with 1 Whittaker’s Sante Chocolate bar (or approx. 25 grams of chocolate), break up into pieces in a pot with milk or cream and stir continuously over a low heat until melted. Add a dash of Butterscotch Remarkable Cream.

Pour into a cup and top with some whipped cream, chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate or a generous pile of mini marshmallows! 


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Made up your own flavour combo with Remarkable Cream? Let us know!!

Festive Hot Chocolate

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