Flavour Guide

Welcome to a delectable selection of New Zealand's own cream liqueurs. In 2023, we were honored to receive 5 Gold Artisan Awards for 5 flavors that competed in the competition.

All of our flavors are crafted using triple-distilled New Zealand vodka and fresh New Zealand cream to achieve a smooth, velvety texture and authentic, fresh taste.

They are a relaxing and enjoyable after-dinner drink which can be served over ice in a whiskey glass, or also be used as the magical ingredient that transforms your scoop of ice cream or cheesecake into a naughty treat.

Whisky, New Zealand honey & Horopito Cream LiqueurOur New Zealand interpretation of Irish Cream. This classic whiskey cream is enhanced with a subtle, earthy warmth from Horopito spice. The blend is further harmonized with the sweetness of New Zealand native honey. A must-try for whiskey enthusiasts.

Original Butterscotch - Inspired by New Zealand's beloved cookbook, this is a delightful blend of classic butterscotch sweetness with the subtle refinement of nougat, hazelnut, vanilla, and hints of milk chocolate. This flavor stands out as our most popular due to its graceful taste over ice and versatility in culinary creations, such as affogato and creamy cappuccino martini.

Dark Chocolate - Representing New Zealand’s finest chocolate cream liqueur, it captures the essence of authentic New Zealand chocolate in a smooth liquid form. Made with real dark chocolate derived from a luxurious blend of African and Asian cocoas, it boasts a rich yet smooth and silky real chocolate flavor along with a unique red hue. This beverage is perfect for creating the best Kiwi hot chocolate or iced chocolate.

Rum Espresso - This particular flavor has been captivating Baileys enthusiasts with its complexity and irresistible appeal. We meticulously blend Australian white rum and Guatemalan coffee to achieve a delicate balance, ensuring that the rum's flavor enhances rather than overpowers the coffee. The result is a harmonious specialty coffee experience.

Raspberry White Chocolate - We combine fresh raspberries from Windmere Berry Farm, located just 5 minutes away from Wanganui, with notes of elegant white chocolate. There's something truly special about this pink, fruity fusion of flavors that keeps customers coming back for more!

Remarkable Cream Brazilian Dark Roast CoffeeDark, Delicious & Smooth. One sip and you're transported into a bustling coffee roastery. The aroma is unmistakably authentic - freshly roasted coffee beans releasing their deep, intoxicating fragrance. A must try for true coffee enthusiasts. This coffee is strong!

Strawberries & Cream Perfectly Ripe Whanganui Strawberries come together with our fresh cream recipe, creating an adults-only liquid version of the classic 'Strawberry Fool' - Strawberries and Cream Dessert. We've squeezed as many fresh berries as we could into this mix giving it a genuine Strawberry tang from real fruit.