How Cream Liqueur Became the Go-To Holiday Drink

Dec 3, 2022

How Cream Liqueur Became The Go-To Holiday Drink

How Cream Liqueur Became the Go-To Holiday Drink

It wasn't long ago that cream liqueur was considered a drink relegated to the back of the table, only to be pulled out as a special treat or for those who had a sweet tooth. But over the past few years, cream liqueurs have become increasingly popular and are now considered a go-to holiday drink.


And when it comes to turning a holiday gathering into a memorable one, nothing says "cheers" quite like a cold glass of cream liqueur. (Or maybe in a warm mug of cream liqueur, depending on the weather and your preference.)


So why has this decadent, creamy drink become so popular? And when it comes to enjoying it, what are the best ways?


The Origin of Holiday Cream Liqueur

Nothing says "the holidays are here" quite like a smooth, creamy liqueur. Cream liqueurs are traditionally made with cream or milk and flavored with spices, fruit, and nuts.


Though the exact origin of cream liqueur is unknown, it's thought to have originated in Ireland during the 19th century when farmers began making their own spirits by distilling whiskey and adding local ingredients like cream and spices. This only became a commercially stable product through modern processing in late 20th Century Ireland.


Over the years, the cream liqueur has evolved to become a staple during the holiday season. While most cream liqueurs are synonymous with Europe, other corners of the globe are entering the arena and creating new alternatives that have fans raving.


Why Cream Liqueur Has Become the Go-To Holiday Drink

Today, you can find cream liqueur in just about every corner of the world. From Irish cream to Italian Limoncello Cream and other flavored creams, it’s become a popular choice for holiday celebrations.


For many people, cream liqueurs are the perfect balance between the warm, cozy flavors of the season and the decadence of a festive indulgence. Cream liqueurs pair perfectly with holiday desserts and other festive treats like eggnog, gingerbread, and baked goods.


And whether you are gathering for a mid-morning brunch or an evening cocktail hour, cream liqueur can be the perfect addition to your holiday gathering.


How to Enjoy Cream Liqueur this Holiday Season

When it comes to enjoying cream liqueurs, there are plenty of creative ways to do so. Here are some tips on how to incorporate cream liqueur into your holiday celebrations:


  • Serve it as an after-dinner digestif with a dessert like cherry pie or chocolate truffles.
  • Whip up a festive cocktail like our classic Remarkable Cappuccino Martini which combines cream liqueur with quality espresso & coffee liqueur.


  • Try adding a splash of cream liqueur to your morning coffee or tea for an extra kick.


  • Enjoy neat or on the rocks.

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